Animal Print Nail Designs That Reveal Your Wild side

Animal Print Nail Designs That Reveal Your Wild side

Animal print used to be really popular and with time it went from being a defining design feature in a lot of departments to being merely an occasional accent used prudently. Since your nails are your best accessory, you can use the animal print design to make them pop in a fashionable way.

There are various ways in which you can adapt this. You can be faithful to the original designs that inspired you or you can try to add your own twist by using unconventional colors and color combinations.

Multicolored animal print nail designs look quite interesting. Use them to give your nails a playful look or if you feel like you could use a big of color to complement your neutral outfit.

You can also combine the animal print with other designs and it can be merely an accent detail for your stylish manicure. You can even try a French manicure with animal print accents.

And since it’s such a versatile option, you can make it work whether you have long or short nails or regardless of their shape.

Of course, there are also ways to make the animal print design look subtle and elegant. For example, two the same color of nail polish but with two different textures or combine two simple or neutral colors such as black and white.