Amazing Views From A Thailand Beach Resort Hotel Redesigned By A-cero

Amazing Views From A Thailand Beach Resort Hotel Redesigned By A-cero

The Iniala Beach House is a luxury hotel and resort located on the coat area of Natai Beach in Phuket, Thailand. The resort is surrounded by sandy beaches, blue water and exotic vegetation. A-cero designed the interior of a villa from this complex as well as the restaurant.

There are two rooms in two shell-shaped bungalows divided by a swimming pool. The interior designs are quite different. The first room features vertical lines while the second one is characterized by horizontal lines that wrap around the space. It’s like yin and yang: although very different, opposite even, they complement each other.

The architects designed everything in there, including all the furniture which makes the villa a one-of-a-kind space. In order for the interior design to complement the exuberant surroundings and the exotic landscape, it had to be extraordinary yet simple and sophisticated.

Exclusive décor elements were used throughout and the whole design has a sculptural and unique look. Different details were used in both rooms but they were organized differently. In one case you can see light wooden floors and dark wood ceilings while the other space is the opposite.

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