A Vibrant Combination Of Prints In The McQ Spring 2014 RTW Collection

A Vibrant Combination Of Prints In The McQ Spring 2014 RTW Collection

These days you don’t even know what to expect from the fashion designers. They always impress us with some of the strangest choices. For example, let’s take a look at the McQ Spring 2014 RTW Collection. The collection features a mix of vibrant colors, lizard prints and digital prints of bunnies which is unusual to say the least.

When you enumerate all these things they may seem like a strange combination but when you actually see the creations they’re actually not that unusual. The collection is modern and dynamic and the reptile prints go well with all the bold colors. The eclectic designs also focus on an original combination of fabrics and textures. It’s a chic and simple collection but it definitely stands out. The color palette is diverse. It includes a variety of bright colors as well as vibrant shades but, even so, it manages to maintain the signature dark, gothic look.

I particularly like the combination of short skirt and tailored Capri pants. It’s elegant and chic but it’s also edgy and modern. The toned down accessories complement the designs beautifully and allow them to stand out without stealing the focus. What’s also interesting is the way the worlds of punk rock, Goth and bikers complement each other. That’s a mix you probably never imagined you’d see yet here it is and it looks fabulous. The interesting twist brought to the diverse influences connects the worlds and brings them together harmoniously while not preventing strong contrasts from existing between them.

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