A Place to Spend a Lovely Afternoon

A Place to Spend a Lovely Afternoon

I think I’m, like, 1/16th Swedish. Rounding up. But that’s enough for me to claim the genetic right to gravitate toward white-walled simplicity in design – it’s in my blood! (At least, in 1/16th of my blood…) Hereditary tendencies aside, this living room photo speaks to many aspects of my ever-evolving design aesthetic. It looks comfortably lived-in, yet stylishly interesting and visually engaging.

While the entire space gives off an immediate “clean” vibe (I attribute that to the white walls), it’s far from sterile. In fact, if given the chance, I’d love to spend a few hours this afternoon lounging against those pillows. I bet I could even prop my feet on the table, too. Of course, I’d ask permission first…Here’s why I’m drawn to this space:

1. White walls with pops of vibrant color.

White walls used to signify the absence of color, a default painting decision because a homeowner couldn’t commit to any one color. In a space like this, white is the ultimate perfect choice, providing a crisp foundation upon which every other detail in the space can artfully build. Who could resist a white couch adorned with colorful throw pillows in such a mix of patterns? (Love the combination of floral, geometric, and ikat, by the way.) Not me.

2. Vintage rug.

Every space needs a bit of the used, the imperfect, the aged, to keep it from feeling too new and soul-less. This rug fits the bill. Pleasantly broken in but still retaining hints of vibrant color, it’s a lovely backdrop for the furnishings. Plus, the blue of the rug nicely emphasizes the blue in the artwork, which brings a nice cohesion to the overall space.

3. Bone inlay (looking) tray on worn wood-topped coffee table.

It’s the detailed touches that finish off a space, and this tray is absolutely beautiful. I love the contrast between its high-end elegance and the worn wood inlaid on the coffee table top. Chic, personable, and loaded with great taste.

And that, my friends, is why I would spend an afternoon in this space. What about you?