A Peak At Rihanna’s Handbag Choices

A Peak At Rihanna’s Handbag Choices

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Rihanna’s but she’s quite ok. Compared to other famous people, she seems to be more grounded and professional, plus she has a nice voice. But being a celebrity means much more than just being talented. People look up to you and see you as a model so any choice you make is important, even when you’re choosing a handbag. And speaking of handbags, have you noticed how diverse a celebrity’s collection is? Let’s take a look, for example, at Rihanna.

Rihanna teds to like small purses and handbags and she also has a thing for backpacks. She looks very comfortable, regardless what she’s wearing and she really seems to know what she’s doing when putting together an outfit. Well, she probably has help with that but it’s still all based on her preferences and style. What’s great about Rihanna is that she’s not bland. She mixes styles beautifully and she has a very large collection of handbags, or at least that’s the conclusion we came up with after following her public appearances for a while.

Chanel is a popular choice for many celebrities including Rihanna. She’s been seen wearing several Chanel bags including the Chanel Metallic Quilted Backpack which looks perfect on her. Apart from that, she has an extensive collection of bags from many different designers and this shows once again how versatile she is and how easily she can change her style.

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