A Bizarre And Artsy Style Displayed In The Prada Spring 2014 RTW Collection

A Bizarre And Artsy Style Displayed In The Prada Spring 2014 RTW Collection

Fashion is such a delicate subject. As a design, you can do whatever you want with the clothes. You can give them any color you want, any shape and any print. But a collection has to have a central idea, it has to be based on something. In the case of the Prada Spring 2014 RTW Collection, the focus is on the strong and independent woman.

When you look at this collection you get the feeling that there are no rules here. It may seem like a chaotic mix of colors and shapes but it all has a purpose and it all makes sense once you understand the main idea. As you can see, the models have a very nice superhero-like look given by the fact that the undergarments are on the outside of clothing. Of course, this is just one of the things that make you want to see more of this collection. The best way to describe it would be as bizarre in an artsy manner.

Colorblocking was also used creatively here. Lots of vibrant and bold colors were used but they are toned down by contrasting and neutral shades and so the designs remain elegant and balanced. The leg warmers are one element that brings everything together. The flamboyant collection is definitely creative, with bold prints and an interesting choice of fabrics. But if you ignore all these in-your-face elements all that remains is an actually simple and not so extravagant collection.

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