9 Great Ways To Store And Organize Your Scarf collection

9 Great Ways To Store And Organize Your Scarf collection

A scarf can make an otherwise simple and bland outfit look amazing and can complete your look in an instant. It’s why only having one or two scarves is never enough and you end with a big collection and no practical way of storing them. Here are some great ideas you might enjoy.

Use cut PVC to organize your scarf collection in drawers. It’s a practical and space-efficient option which you can also adapt when organizing your belts or ties.

Use tension rods to turn a nook into a scarf heaven. Simply tie each scarf around the rod and organize them according to size, color, fabric, etc.

A hanger also works nicely. Hang it using a hook or knob on the entryway wall, on the inside of your closet door, under a shelf or anywhere else you want.

Try adding some shower curtain rings to a hanger so you can hang each scarf individually and obtain a better organization. It’s also more practical this way because you can fit more scarves on a single hanger.

Turn a ladder into scarf organizer if you have a big collection. You can casually lean it against your bedroom door or turn it into an accessory for your walk-in closet.

Store your scarf collection using a shoe organizer. Each pocket can hold a scarf and you can arrange them according to color, season or however else you prefer. You can install this system on the inside of your closet door or on your bedroom door.

Make your own scarf hanger using fallen tree branches and a piece of driftwood. You just need to find the right three branches to use for this simple project. Add curtain rings so you can organize the scarves more easily.

Or you could make this chic piece. You need a wooden board and some hooks. First cut the wood to size and sand it nicely. Then paint it and give it a pretty design like these lovely polka dots. Add the hooks and that’s pretty much it.{found on decorandthedog}.

Make a scarf display rack using a window lattice, some spray paint, glue and a few hooks. Spray paint the lattice and then stack the pieces together, overlapping them to create a geometric design. Glue the pieces together and mount the scarf rack on the wall with hooks.{found on itsnewanddifferent}.