8 DIY Halloween Jewelry Tutorial Ideas

8 DIY Halloween Jewelry Tutorial Ideas

A Halloween outfit can’t be complete without jewelry and accessories. And because we know it’s not easy to find the right ones and it’s a waste of time to search the shops for the designs you have in mind, we thought it would better to show instead how you can make your own Halloween jewelry. It’s not difficult at all.

Halloween Necklaces Made with Hot Glue.

For example, did you know you can make necklaces using nothing but hot glue and a sharpie? You can make a spider web collar, Frankenstein stitches and a dripping blood necklace.{found on site}.

Metal snake cuff.

Another extremely simple thing to make is a snake cuff using gauge wire. You basically give it the shape you want making sure it stays on your arm.{foun on henryhappened}.


A fun and also useful idea is to make a glow-in-the-dark pendant. You need a circular pendant, Halloween paper, glow-in-the-dark mod podge and a hole punch.{found on sewwoodsy}.

Another pendant.

Speaking of glow-in-the-dark objects, you can also make a polymer clay sugar skull which you can wear with your costume as well as an accessory for the rest of the year.{found on crafttestdummies}.

Glam Skull Earrings.

These skull earrings are actually very chic and they’re easy to make as well. You need plastic skull rings, jumbo popsicle sticks and nail polish.{found on mintedstrawberry}.

Spider necklaces.

These spider necklaces are a little tricky to make because you have to make sure you don’t break them when you drill the holes.{found on mintedstrawberry}.

Spooky necklace.

This spider web necklace is a little spooky but it’s also beautiful and something you can also wear the rest of the year.{found on site}.

Topshop-style Necklace!

Making this necklace takes less than 10 minutes. You need a necklace chain, jump rings, embroidery floss, a skull charm and a glass bead.{found on quietlioncreations}.