7 Tips For Making A Guy Go Gaga Over You

7 Tips For Making A Guy Go Gaga Over You

Getting a guy to like you is not as easy as it should be sometimes. Although it might seem superficial, being you is not enough at first. You have to do all these little things that make you stand out. This doesn’t mean that you have to be fake and to trick him into believing that you’re someone else but simply that you should pay attention to several things.

Always look good.

As you may have noticed, sometimes women tend to ignore the way the look after they get married. That’s because they already have their loved one and they no longer need to make him notice them. That’s actually a mistake. You should always look good because nothing is certain.

Wear perfume.

Perfume is very powerful. People tend to remember scents and to associate them with certain persons and situations. So wear the same perfume every time you meet with your loved one but don’t exaggerate. Just a little amount should be enough.

Get along with his friends.

It’s important for you to get along with his friends because this may create a serious problem in the end. Don’t make him choose between you and them. A woman who does that doesn’t deserve a positive answer. Also, guys are very loyal to their friends and they really appreciate women who integrate well in their group.

Be independent.

Guys like it when they feel needed but they also appreciate independence. So show him that you have a life and that you don’t always have to be with him to have a good time or to get things done. A couple doesn’t have to be two persons fused together but two individuals that have things in common.

Be unique.

Guys really love it when you have something that sets you apart from all the other women out there. After all, there are lots of other attractive and smart women out there but none of them are you and it should remain like that.

Be supportive.

Everyone has moments in life when they need support. For a man, it’s not easy to ask for this so you should know when to be there for him. He will definitely remember this. Also, he’ll see that you’re reliable and perceptive.

Be yourself.

If there’s anything guys hate that’s a woman who tries too hard, a woman who is fake. So don’t try to fool him with things that don’t characterize you as a person just to make him like you. Such a relationship never lasts.