7 Of Our Favorite DIY Accessories

7 Of Our Favorite DIY Accessories

We’ve showed you lots of interesting and beautiful DIY projects so far so we thought it was time to pick some of our favorites. We focused on accessories and we came up with 7 DIY projects that we want to share with you. They’re diverse and versatile so you can count on them for putting your outfit over the top.

Let’s start with a headband. To make it, you need ribbon, tulle, a glue gun and scissors. Start by cutting several leaf-shaped pieces from ribbon and tulle. Then glue them onto the back of the beaded embellishment. Make the headband from tulle and glue it onto the back of the headpiece. It would make a very nice bridal hair piece.{found on site}.

Next we’ll show you how to make a colorblock leather clutch. Decide on a pattern and cut pieces of leather which you then sew together to form the clutch. Then add the lining and sew it all around. Topstitch around the outside and that’s all.{found on lovestitched}.

Here’s how you can make a bead bracelet. Fold waxed cotton in half and slip a button all the way to the middle. Tie a knot. Then put beading thread through the needle and stitch through the waxed cotton, near the knot. Thread the first bead onto the needle, place it in between the two cotton threads, take the needle under the bottom waxed cotton thread and back up through the bead. Continue doing the same for the other beads.{found on clonesnclowns}.

This is a felt and suede clutch. To make it you first have to cut out the pattern pieces. Fuse the interfacing to the back of the fabric rectangle and iron it down. Pin the pocket to the fabric and sew it on. Then make the triangle flap of the clutch. At the end, add the suede to the front of the bag. You can also make tassels.{found on eatsleepmake}.

For this chic bracelet, all you need is a lighter, cord and scissors. Cut two 20’’ sections of cord and two sections at 2 yards each. In order to get the design exactly right you have to follow the instructions in the photos. It’s actually pretty easy once you get familiar with the technique.{found on forthemakers}.

For this leather bracelet you can use pieces from old broken belts. Punch a hole on both ends of the leather and then start threading the beads on the elastic loop. Pull tight and knot as close as possible on the inside.{found on lebenslustiger}.

Making these earrings and very easy. You need lace, mod podge, seed beads and sequins and earring hooks. Cut 4 lace hearts and stitch two of them together around the edges. Brush the heart with mod podge and sew the seed beads around the edge. Sew some sequins in the center and attach the earring hook.{found on site}.