7 Nail Polish Colors Men Love To See On Women

7 Nail Polish Colors Men Love To See On Women

Women go to great lengths to make their nails look amazing and they do that because they love it but also because men love it too. Men appreciate a beautiful manicure on a woman and they can be particularly drawn to certain colors. For example:


Men love to see women in red. They find this color very sexy and they particularly enjoy ruby red nails. Although women find this color strong, it’s impossible not to admit that it’s an eye catching shade that makes you feel strong and sexy.


Emerald is a great nail polish color, even though it’s not a common choice for the conservatory types. Emerald nails can give your outfit the pop it needs to look amazing. After all, nails are an accessory too. It’s a classy color but it can also be fun.


Another color that men love is lavender. They enjoy the soft and pleasant shade and they find it feminine and charming. It works well with airy summer outfits but it can also complement a more elegant look.


Magenta is another very feminine color and men love their dates to look sexy and chic. It’s a color that can be bold but also elegant and it’s tender and ladylike. So show off your best features and don’t forget about the small details.


A perfect color for spring and summer, coral is a very beautiful shade that’s eye-catching and very seductive. Men appreciate this particular color because it complements the skin tone and it looks natural and pretty. It’s a color that’s fun as well as subtle.