7 Famous Beauty Icons To Get Inspiration From

7 Famous Beauty Icons To Get Inspiration From

Famous people and icons are always the ones that are perceived as a model. We try to imitate them and we always seem to find inspiration in them. As a woman, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. But not all icons can or should be regarded as models. So make sure you’re not basing everything you know on a negative example. If you want to look for inspiration somewhere, try one of these beauty icons.


Pink is not the type of person who can be a model for everyone. She has a very particular look that she maintains with her edgy makeup and bold outfits. One of the thing that define her look is the way het eyes stand out with bright shadows and bold eyeliner.

Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous beauty icons. She’s known for her stunning body but she’s also appreciated for the elegance with which she dresses. She always knows how to accentuate her most beautiful features so you should try doing the same.
Kim Kardashian

Kim is known for her glamorous looks and also for her makeup. Mimicking her is quite easy as there are many tutorials all over the internet. All you have to do is write her name and follow the steps. You’ll loom glamorous in no time.
Jamie Chung.

Another great beauty model is Jamie Chung. She wears minimal eye makeup that emphasizes her most beautiful features and bright lips. This makes it difficult for most people to pull off such as a look. You would have to have the right eye shape and skin color.
Halle Berry.

Halle Berry has been a beauty icon for many years and she’s still very glamorous. She continues to have an amazing body and incredible skin. Usually, she wears simple makeup that flatters her features rather than going for extreme looks and trends.

Miranda Kerr.

As a model, Miranda is a beauty model for many people. She always manages to look fresh regardless of the look she chooses. Whether she wears minimal makeup or she’s on the runway she impresses every time. If you wish to copy her, try a natural makeup that accentuates your features.
Shay Mitchell.

It’s difficult to copy someone when she changes her look all the time. It’s the case of actress Shay Mitchell who has been seen wearing everything from a nude makeup to kohl-rimmed eyes. It’s a very nice example that encourages us to try new looks and to experiment.