6 Ways In Which You Can Style A Bun For A Chic And Easy-to-get Look

6 Ways In Which You Can Style A Bun For A Chic And Easy-to-get Look

When you don’t have a lot of time to waste getting ready and your hair is stubborn, what do you do? You can either get angry or you can learn how to make a quick and stylish bun. There are so many different types of buns to choose from, you don’t even know where to start looking. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research for you and we found 6 great hair buns that are easy to make as well as great-looking.

To get a look like this you need long and thick hair but you can adapt the look for shoulder-length hair too. First, you braid two strands on each side and then you wrap the braids around the crown of your head and pin them in place. The idea is to arrange the braids so that they cover the front of your head just like a headband. Then you just pull the rest of your hair up in a ponytail and you make a messy bun. {found on abeautifulmess}.

A low bun is elegant and very versatile. It’s also easy to style. You separate a few thick strands from the top of your head and you brush them up towards the head. Then you style the hair into a low ponytail. You fluff up the teased hair and you use a hair tie to keep the hair in place. You separate the ponytail in half and you flip the lower half over it. You wrap the hair around the base of the bun and you pin it in place.{found on site}.

A top knot is also very easy to make. First you gather the hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Then you brush down the hair and you tease it. You twist the hair around your hand and around the ponytail base. Then you pull the end of your hair through and you style the top knot. {found on site}.

A rope bun is a great option for those days when you have stubborn hair. You basically start with a high ponytail and then you braid the hair. You can start with three strands and then try four and five strands. Twist left and then wrap right. {found on site}.

The triple braided bun is a little more complex but still quite easy to get right. First you section the hair into three vertical sections. You pull the back section into a ponytail and you braid it. You tie the braid in a knot and tuck the tail behind. Then braid a side section and pull it towards the back bun. Tie in a knot and tuck the tail behind the bun. Do the same thing for the other side.{found on camillestyles}.

The messy bun is my favorite. It looks messy and like you don’t actually care how your hair looks but it’s a well-though process. Here’s how you make the bun: first you get some hair spray into your hair for more volume. Then you backcomb some strands to rough up the hair. Swipe the hair back into a ponytail. You get a hair tie, you pull it back over and you twist. Pull the bun apart a little bit and that’s all.{found on promisetangemanblog}.