5 Unexpected And Crazy Wedding Venue Ideas

5 Unexpected And Crazy Wedding Venue Ideas

Some couples prefer to be traditional and to stick with the classics which is absolutely ok but some prefer something out of the ordinary so they make some really unexpected choices when it comes to unique moments such as their wedding. Here are 5 of the most unusual wedding venue ideas.

In a balloon.

Imagine yourself up in the air and close to the clouds saying yes to your beloved. Very few images can be more romantic than this. Getting married in a balloon is a great idea. However, it’s an idea suited for a small wedding since a balloon can only hold up to 12 people.

In a cave.

Personally, I find caves very romantic and very beautiful. I like the fact that they’re like a time capsule where you can find all sorts of amazing things that are older than anyone you know. It’s why I think getting married in a cave in a very beautiful idea.

On a glacier.

If you think a winter wedding is difficult because of the temperature, try getting married on a glacier. It’s not the most warm and cozy place for such an event but it’s definitely unusual and different. The contrast it offers is amazing.

On a pirate ship.

Pirate ships are a great symbol for adventure and fairy tales so choosing one as a wedding venue would be daring but also amazing. You can even adopt the whole theme and ask your guests to dress themselves in costumes.

On a roller coaster.

Life is a roller coaster but when we say that we mean it metaphorically. But what if it was actually true? If you love adrenaline and you want your wedding to be fun and full of energy, then a roller coaster can be a perfect idea for the venue.