5 Trendy Nail Designs You Should Try This Fall

5 Trendy Nail Designs You Should Try This Fall

Fall is a beautiful season dominated by warm and earthy colors such as brown, yellow and red and these influences are visible in almost all fields. So update your outfits but don’t forget about the smaller details like your nails. Here are 5 trends you’ll enjoy.

The black and white combo is always beautiful but it could be fun to try something a little more complex. For example, you might like the checkerboard pattern. It’s a versatile design that works with any color.

Metallic nail polish is also a wonderful option this fall. Try metallic gold and silver and you’ll definitely stand out with the elegance and sophistication of the whole package you’ll present. Feel free to experiment with other shades as well.

Other metallic shades can also be very beautiful. This olive gold finish is actually a perfect option for this fall because it captures the essence of the whole color palette this season. It’s a more capricious color that doesn’t go with just about anything but it’s very beautiful.

Oxblood, which is a dark shade of red, is a very strong and passionate color, suited for strong personalities. It’s a sophisticated shade that will make your nails pop with elegance and passion.

Anther very popular color this fall is black. Although technically not a color, black is very powerful as well as very elegant and it can beautifully complement casual, gothic, elegant and sophisticated outfits. It’s not just for rock stars.