5 Stylish Handbag Designs For 2013

5 Stylish Handbag Designs For 2013

Being trendy and fashionable is something everyone wants even if they don’t necessarily pay much attention to this. There are certain accessories that can really make an outfit stand out. For example, a great bag is not easy to find but when you do find the perfect design you know you’ll look great.

Geometric designs.

Geometric designs, shapes and patters are very popular this year and not just in the world of fashion. You could opt for a simple bag with a minimalist design, a rectangular shape and a simple matte finish. It should be big enough to allow you to hold files for example yet comfortable to carry.

Lace bags.

Lace is also very fashionable this year, especially during summer. It can be used for everything including accessories such as shoes and bags. You can opt for a simple bag with lace inserts or details, just enough to give it a feminine and delicate look.

Vibrant colors.

Color is one of the most important things for an accessory. This year you can stand out with a bag in a bold shade which you can use for a simple outfit. It works for both casual and elegant outfits and it adds a nice pop to your look.

Vintage inspiration.

Vintage accessories are once again in vogue. Look for a bag that features pastel shades and a delicate design and use it to accessorize a nice romantic outfit. It works great with summer dresses but also with jeans and more casual outfits.

Metallic accessories.

Another very chic option would be a metallic bag. You can opt for a classical design with a metallic finish, preferably something simple. Combine it with a simple and bright outfit and avoid mixing similar colors.