5 Smoky-Eye Looks For A Glamorous Night Out

5 Smoky-Eye Looks For A Glamorous Night Out

Smoky-eyes are a classical and something you can easily rely to. It’s the preferred type of makeup for a night out or for an elegant event. But there are several different types of smoky eyes and they each have their own unique particularities. Here are 5 of the most popular and chic.

Neutral shades.

Smoky eyes don’t necessarily have to be based on black and dark colors. If your eye color or skin tone don’t allow you to use those colors, try something less striking but equally elegant such as neutral shades. Use brown and nude shades for a seductive look.{image source here}.

Rich colors.

If you prefer a bolder look then you should try using rich colors such as purple, blue and green. You can mix two or more shades of the same color to obtain the perfect nuance.{image source here}.

Smoky cat eye.

The cat eye is another makeup classical, very appreciated for its finesse and elegance. If you want, you can combine it with the smoky eye and create an in-between look that has the dramatic impact of the smoky eye and the elegance of the cat eye. Use a blend of silver and black for perfect results.

Silver touches.

For a skin with porcelain features, a very nice choice would be a selection of silvery shades. It will make your eyes radiate and you’ll get a beautiful vibrant look without using bold colors. These shades are not suited for dark skin.{image source here}.

Dramatic eyes.

A very popular type is the reflective smoky eye. It can be created by using a nude eye shadow and two accent colors. Use the nude shimmering shadow across the eye lid and in the corner of the eye and on the lower part of the eyelid. It will beautifully reflect the eye and contrast with the accent colors which should be darker.