5 simple hairstyles for busy or lazy girls

5 simple hairstyles for busy or lazy girls

If you look good all the time, it’s hard work, especially if you have a bad day. Things get even more complicated when you do not even have time to get ready, or when you’re just too lazy to get your hair loose every morning or make sure every strand of hair is just right. Lucky for you and me, some hairstyles are just so easy to do, you only need a few minutes.

Do not you feel for your hair today, but after a full ponytail? Try this trick. Tie part of your hair to the head and tie the rest underneath. So simple and so smart. It works well with curly curls. (found on makeup)

Sometimes a roll is the perfect solution and it rolls so easily that you only need a few minutes. First divide all your hair into two sections and make a knot at the back of the head. Then small strands of hair are twisted and secured with hair clips. {19659004] A chaotic ponytail gives you a casual and chic look and you do not even have to spend a lot of time getting it right. Simply split your hair into two pieces and tie it to the back. Use bobby pins to hold it in place. You do not even have to brush your hair first.

Is it a braid or is it a ponytail? Well, it’s both. It’s a Chinese stair ponytail and it looks really fancy. The best part is that it is easy to perform and looks good with curly locks or straight hair. It does not have to look so good as it is a casual hairstyle.

If you want something elegant, professional, but still chic and easy, try a Chignon. This is a simplified version. Tie the hair in a high ponytail, twist and tie it according to the photo instructions and that’s about it.