5 Simple And Cute DIY Wire Ring Designs

5 Simple And Cute DIY Wire Ring Designs

Does it ever feel like you just can’t find jewelry you really like and only things that look OK? Why don’t you make your own jewelry then? For example, you can easily make a wire ring to go with one of your outfits. We’ll show you how.

Heart ring.

Here’s how you make a wire heart ring. Cut 2 pieces of wire, one a little longer than the other. Use the shorter one to make the heart and the other one to make the ring. Place the wire hear on top of the ring and bend the tips to secure the heart in place.{found on yesmissy}.

Let’s now see how you can make a safety pin ring. Take a piece of wire and bend it around your finger. Slide the safety pin onto the wire and create a loop. Cut off the excess and repeat for the other end.{found on ispydiy}.

This lovely bow ring in made from a single piece of wire. Create a loop in the middle to fit your finger. Then use pliers and bend over the top to create the right loop of the bow. Grab the bottom wire and bend over the top of the pliers to made the second loop. Wrap the end of the left loop around the center, through the ring, trim the ends and enjoy.{found on ispydiy}.

All these designs are based on a series of steps. First of all, you cut a small piece of wire. Then you wrap it around your finger or your mascara tube and you create the shape you want. You can make as many wire rings as you want and wear them in stacks.{found on brokebutbougie}.

This lovely swirl rings actually looks too good to be a DIY project. Making it is not that difficult. Take a piece of wire and make a flat fold at the middle. Press it as flat as possible. Wrap the wire around the ring mandrel or anything similar and use the hammer to pound it. After that, shape both ends into the desired look.{found on site}.