5 Movies That Will Awaken Your Travel Mood

5 Movies That Will Awaken Your Travel Mood

Certain movies have themes that can be very inspiring and some of these movies can inspire you to travel. It’s natural for that to happen when you see such beautiful views and landscape. You want to be there so see everything with your own two eyes. Here are some of the movies that can have such an effect on you.

Lord of the Rings.

Lots of the Rings is a trilogy everyone is familiar with. It presents an amazing world of fantasy. However, you have to realize that some of the scenes were shot in actual existing places. If you want to experience such a world you can visit places like New Zeeland where the landscape is completely natural and untouched by humans.


Although Amelie is an old movie, it’s a great example of French comedy. It presents the streets of Paris and the gorgeous scenery and it makes you want to go there to experience everything yourself. It might not be such a bad idea to take a trip to France.
My life in ruins

This is a movie that makes you want to visit Greece. The main characters in the movie travel to Epidaurus, Olympia, and Delphi and they visit the Acropolis. Visiting these places yourself would definitely be a great adventure.

Crouching tiger hidden dragon

A movie with a title like this is bound to instantly make you think of China. It’s an amazing place with lots of gorgeous things to see. You could visit the Great Wall as well as the modern cities and learn more about this amazing culture.

Room with a view

The movie is a drama which presents the streets and plazas of Florence during the Renaissance period. It also presents the Tuscan countryside which is still greatly appreciated for its beauty. It makes you want to go there too and to admire all the beautiful historic landmarks.