5 Makeup Trends You Have To Try This Year

5 Makeup Trends You Have To Try This Year

Having trouble trying to decide which makeup trend to adopt this summer? Try one of the following suggestions. They are the trendiest choices for 2013 and they include a variety of types for all tastes.

Neon colors.

Dare to stand out with a colorful eye makeup. Neon eyeliner is very popular this summer and allows you to achieve a bold look, full of confidence without much effort. Choose a simple outfit to go with the makeup because you don’t want to overpower it.

Winged liner.

Use eyeliner to create some dramatic wings for your eye makeup. It’s a trend that used to be popular in the 90s and now it’s back in force. It’s daring, sexy and sensual and all you need is a good crayon. If you want, you can also use color.

Long lashes.

Long lashes are also popular this year. The key to achieving such a look is using a good mascara but also having lots of lashes. If nature didn’t give you all you need, you can always use fake lashes. Keep in mind that they are more suited for the evening.

Bottom liner.

Another trend for this summer includes the bottom liner. The idea is to use liner on the bottom but non on top. This way your eyes will look bigger you’ll make them pop just by using an eye-pencil. It’s a simple trick that you can use when you go out.


Watercolor eyes also gained popularity this year. It’s a look easy to achieve and very breezy, perfect during the day or for a casual event. It’s a look which you can create by using pastel colors for a smoky eye effect.