5 Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads

5 Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads

Redheads usually find it difficult to choose the right type of makeup because not too many color complement the color of their hair very well. Also, most redheads are not thrilled about having freckles. So what can you do in this case? Well, the following tips should help.

1. Don’t be ashamed of your freckles.

Why should you ashamed of something that’s perfectly natural and not at all ugly? Don’t hide your freckles with tons of makeup. Instead, be proud of them and show them off. Use some light powder or mineral foundation and you’re golden.

2. Use light brown eyeliner instead of black.

Black eyeliner can be too powerful for a redhead so instead you should use brown. Depending on the type of red your hair has, you can choose the right shade of brown for your eyeliner.

3. Plum eyeshadow.

Plum shades are perfect for redheads because they complement the color of the hair beautifully without being boring. Use plum eyeshadow and even plum eyeliner if it complements your look.

4. Mineral foundations.

As a redhead, you should use mineral foundation because it’s one of the best types for you. It allows you to show off your freckles and it’s light and airy.

5. Don’t exaggerate with the mascara.

It’s also important to remember that mascara is not great when it’s too heavy, especially for redheads. Try instead light mascara. It will make your eyes stand out. If you feel like black is too powerful for you, use brown mascara instead.