5 Makeup Tips For A Pro-Looking Finish Everyone Will Notice

5 Makeup Tips For A Pro-Looking Finish Everyone Will Notice

Professional makeup artists are pros for a reason. They know tons of tricks and tips that can make you look stunning and they often seem to be able to do miracles. But it’s all about the technique and it pays off to know some yourself. You can use them all the time and you’ll always look amazing.

Use concealer.

Although the concealer is created to be used for covering up dark circles around the eyes, it can also have other uses. For example, you can use it on the corners of the eyes when you’re doing a smoky eye look or on the edges of the lips when wearing a dark lipstick.

Contouring your face.

All the superstars you see on the red carpet seem to look perfect and to have a flawless face. However, that’s not true. They look like that because the pro makeup artists do their job. You don’t need a perfect face. You just need to know how to make it look perfect with a little mate bronzer and a brush. You can make your nose look smaller or your cheeks look amazing.

How to use eyeliner.

Many of us have problems when using eyeliner because we just don’t seem to be able to make a perfect line in one sweep. But the trick here is not even trying to do it in one sweep but bit by bit. Start with the bottom lid and then line the upper one. Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the center and then continue to the outer corner, connecting the two lines.

Perfect eyebrows.

Having a perfect shape for your eyebrows is definitely very difficult. Still, it’s not impossible if you know how to do it. First of all, don’t try to create the perfect shape with tweezers alone. You’ll also need to use a pencil and a brow kit. Draw individual hairs in the bald spots and use a color lighter than your hair to fill out the areas.

Long-lasting lip color.

It’s definitely not nice to work hard to get stunning lips only to see that the color is worn off in a few hours. For long-lasting lip color all you have to do is first apply a layer of foundation onto your lips, let it dry and then use lip color. Apply a coat, press napkin between the lips and re-coat.