5 Healthy Summer Snacks To Enjoy This Season

5 Healthy Summer Snacks To Enjoy This Season

During the summer when the temperatures are constantly rising we all feel the need for light foods and so we search for recipes that can give us all the vitamins and energy we need while tasting good and having a suitable consistency. Here are 5 ideas for snacks you would definitely enjoy this summer.

Yogurt and berries.

Also a great idea for breakfast, yogurt mixed with fresh berries is very tasty and rich in calcium, protein, antioxidants and vitamin C. the fresh berries add a kick of flavor and color and they also have wonderful effects on your skin.

Vegetables and dip.

It sounds a little strange at first but, when you think about it, it’s quite tasty. Vegetables are perfect for the summer as they are low in calories and very rich in nutrients. So if you feel like something’s missing and you don’t want to just chew on a carrot without any additional flavor, you can try the combination of vegetables and dip. You can buy the dip or make it yourself.

Fresh fruit cups.

Another very refreshing snack on a hot summer day can be a cup of fresh fruit. They are very healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients. You can try a mix of your favorite fruits and you can put them in the fridge and just grab one when you want a snack.


Another very refreshing and sweet snack can be a popsicle. Of course, it would be better if you could make your own. It’s actually very easy. Select some vegetables, fruits or anything else you like and put them in the blender. Then pour the mix in the mold and let it freeze.

Trail mix.

It’s not as fresh as it could be, but it’s a great snack. Trail mix is nonperishable and this makes it perfect for trips and other activities. Combine dried fruits, raw nuts, coconut and chocolate nibs, give them a good mix and you have a great snack.