5 Great Themes For A Summer Wedding

5 Great Themes For A Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are great because of the sunny days, the colorful nature and all the great flower options that are available. It’s a great opportunity to have a unique wedding in locations which may not be available during another season. Here are 5 ideas that might help you create an unforgettable experience.

A beach wedding.

A beach wedding sounds like the perfect idea. Summer is all about the beach so it’s a great opportunity to opt for a more casual and relaxed wedding without neglecting all the elegant details that make this day special. Use sand, seashells and other similar items for your centerpieces and opt for a simple, casual dress to go with the theme.

A garden wedding.

If you’d like to stay away from the beach because of all the sand and water, maybe you’d like to have a secret garden wedding. All you have to do is find the perfect setting, with beautiful landscape and views and then decorate it as you want.


What better symbol for a summer wedding than the sunflower. Not only that’s it’s a great symbol but it’s also a beautiful and bold flower. You can easily incorporate it in your wedding. You could have a sunflower bouquet and centerpieces featuring the same flower and your bridesmaids could be dressed in yellow.

A vintage wedding.

A vintage wedding is all about delicate fabrics, lace and pastels, candlelight and romantic decors and summer is the perfect season for that. You can have a lace wedding gown and the tables could be decorated in pastels and with small flowers in mason jars and surrounded by candles.

A colorful wedding.

No other season features such a rich burst of color like the summer. This means you can choose to have a colorful wedding and to have flowers in any shade you want. A colorful wedding is more appropriate for this season because of the landscape and all the colors found in nature.

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