5 Fun Christmas Appetizers To Try This Year

5 Fun Christmas Appetizers To Try This Year

I don’t know about you but I definitely plan on doing something fun and delicious this Christmas. It all started when I saw a picture of some cute little penguins made of olives on the internet. Don’t worry, we have he recipe for those below so you’ll be able to make them for your family too. We also have a few more cute and fun ideas for wonderful Christmas appetizers.

1. Egg snowman.

Let’s start with these cute little snowmen. To make them you need 6 large hard-boiled eggs, 6 small ones, peppercorns, a carrot, skewers, uncooked pasta and parsley. Peel off the egg shells, peel the carrot and cut off the ends. Slice the carrot to make 6 round slices for each end. Cut off the top and bottom of the eggs and stick the skewer through the eggs and remove it. Do the same with the carrot slices. Stick the pasta into the eggs and carrot slices, snap off the extra pasta and make small holes for the eyes, nose and buttons. Put peppercorns in each hole and a small piece of carrot for the nose. The parsley sprig will be the broom.{found on roxyskitchen}.


2. Olive penguins.

Now let’s talk a little about these adorable penguins. To make them you need olives, carrots and cream cheese plus some toothpicks. Use olives for the head and tuxedo and cream cheese for the body. The carrot slices will be the tiny feet.{found on site}.

3. Cheesetree pops.

To make these delicious pops you need cheese wedges, broccoli, chilli flakes and a savory star. Gently skew the wedges on a toothpick, sprinkle some shaved broccoli florets and chilli flakes and top with a savory star.{found on site}.

4. Pine cone cheeseballs.

The ingredients needed for this recipe are cream cheese, light mayonnaise, bacon strips, chopped green onion, pepper and toasted whole almonds. Combine cream cheese and mayonnaise ina blender, stir in the cooked bacon, green onion, dill and pepper. Let it chill overnight. Shape the cheese mixture into two small pine cones. Starting from the narrow end, place almonds into the cheese on a slight angle. Garnish with rosemary twigs.{found on site}.