5 Foods Known To Lower The Cholesterol

5 Foods Known To Lower The Cholesterol

You can never be too careful with what you eat and cholesterol is a popular problem among many of us. But there are certain foods that are not only great for you but that are actually known to lower your cholesterol. So put them on your grocery list and always have them in your home.


There are certain types of fish that contain omega 3 fatty acids and those are good for your heart. These fish include tuna and salmon as well as several other types. They help lower your cholesterol levels and they’re also very tasty.


Certain types of fruit are also very good for those with cholesterol problems. Fruits are always healthy but apples, grapes and strawberries are very rich in pectin which is a fiber that helps lower the cholesterol in your body. Citrus fruit are great as well.


Nuts are great for a lot of things and, amongst others, they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that keep blood vessels healthy. So if you like nuts make sure you include in your diet every day. However, try to stay away from glazed nuts or those with lots of salt on them.


Beans are great for several reasons. They are very rich in soluble fiber and they can replace the proteins you find in meat. There are plenty of recipes with beans which you can try so maybe you’d like to test their versatility.

Olive oil.

Another good idea if you’re trying to lower your cholesterol level would be to try to replace butter with olive oil whenever you can. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that help with that and it’s very tasty in salads and other healthy foods.