5 Exquisite Pairs Of Shoes For The Bride That Isn’t Afraid Of Heights

5 Exquisite Pairs Of Shoes For The Bride That Isn’t Afraid Of Heights

Wearing heels as a bride can be very painful, especially if you’re not used to this type of shoes. However, it pays off because you’ll look sexier and more stunning than ever. Also, there are lots of options to choose from and some manage to combine beauty with comfort. Here are 5 beautiful pairs of shoes for 5 different types of gorgeous brides.

The first one is a pair of shoes with a classical and elegant flair. The shimmering finish and the golden shade make this pair of shoes very glamorous.Available for 125$.

For the bride that wants to stay in touch with tradition and wear white shoes, this pair would be a very nice choice. They’re white, simple, with a lovely bow at the back and they’re also quite modern.Available for 99$.

Adding a little bit of color to your bridal outfit is very refreshing. A very nice combination is a dress is a color close to the traditional white and a pair of colored shoes like this one.Available for 99$.

A princess-style bridal gown would look lovely with a pair of delicate shoes such as this one. The pink hue is subtle, delicate and romantic and it’s a perfect design for romantic or bohemian weddings.Available for 115$.

Of course, you should feel free to embrace your feminine side by wearing a pair of pink shoes at your wedding. This pair is modern and, even though it has a high heel, it’s very comfortable to wear.Available for 145$.