5 Exotic Destinations For Romantic Couples

5 Exotic Destinations For Romantic Couples

A truly happy couple is one that doesn’t need to work hard to maintain the harmony and the balance. But not everyone can be this lucky. This doesn’t mean we should all give up our pursuit of happiness. It just means we need to try a little harder. A perfect solution if you’re facing a difficult time can be to get away from everything for a few days and to visit a romantic destination. It’s a great idea for everyone else as well. Such a getaway can make wonders.
St. Martin/St Maarten in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is an amazing destination for couples and not only. It has numerous exotic destinations, including the St. Martin/St Maarten which is a beautiful secluded island and resort. The island is shared by the French and the Dutch hence the double name.


Montreal might not seem like the ultimate romantic destination but it can surprise you. It has many beautiful attractions such as the historic Old Quarter with all the amazing 19th century buildings. Moreover, French is the official language here so you’ll really feel like you’re far away somewhere in Europe.

The Lamu island in East Africa.

If you prefer something that’s indeed exotic, you can try the island of Lamu. Located off the coast of Kenya in east Africa, this lovely island features beautifully-developed areas for tourists and a stunning resort. Here there are no cars so you’ll have to travel by donkey or pony.

Ile Royale.

Located off the coast of French Guinea, Ile Royale has been a French penal colony for many years. It has beautiful tourist facilities and it’s a wonderful destination for couples. Here, the landscape is picturesque and the atmosphere is romantic, with views overlooking the ocean and many placed to explore.
The North Capitva island.

This stunning island is situated off the southwest coast of Florida and it’s only accessible by boat or sea plane. Couples can go hiking, biking or they can play golf, all great activities for getting in touch with each other and spending some romantic time.