5 Easy Ways Of Storing Your Makeup

5 Easy Ways Of Storing Your Makeup

It doesn’t matter how organized you are in general. As a woman, you tend to leave your makeup all over the place. You have eye shadows and pencils in all the drawers and you always have to look for them in the most unusual places. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little more organized. You don’t need expensive organizers. You just have to be creative and to use anything you can find in the house.

For example, use something like this to store your makeup, your lotions and hair brushes. Put the little items in the small compartments and find a place for everything. Store them on your desk, in the bathroom or anywhere else you have space.

This tiered storage idea is perfect if you want to save space in your bathroom while also keeping everything organized. You can use dinner plates to and a candlestick to make something similar. Use clear ceramic glue and let it dry before using the item.

A dish rack can also be very useful for storing your makeup. You should find a small one with a simple design. Each of the spaces for the dishes will fit your makeup perfectly.

The brushes are the most annoying ones to store. Here’s a very nice and simple solution. Take a small glass vase and fill it with beads or any other type of filler. Then just insert your brushes in there and you’re done.

We also have another great idea for the bathroom. Take a towel rod and mount it on the wall. Then find some small pails and decorate them with scrapbook paper and bows. Use a little bit of glue to keep everything in place. Then hang them on the rod and use them as storage bins for your brushes and makeup.{found on site}.