5 Easy DIY Pumpkin Decorations For This Fall

5 Easy DIY Pumpkin Decorations For This Fall

Now that it’s fall you can exploit all the beautiful things that come with the season. Pumpkins are definitely a great symbol. You can use them as decorations around the house and for the entrance and they definitely can’t miss from your Halloween decor or from the Thanksgiving décor.

These glittered pumpkins are a simple project and a fun thing to do with the kids. Paint half the pumpkin with glue and pour the glitter over it. Repeat and then do the same for the other half.{found on tealandlime}.

For this project you need white pumpkins. Stretch the sassy stocking over the pumpkin and tie knots at the top and bottom. Then add a velvet ribbon and you’re done.{found on aprettylifeinthesuburbs}.

Go buy 4 or 5 pumpkins and carve a hole in the bottom of each one. Scoop out the pulp. Trace the house template design onto the pumpkins, remove the stencil and carve along the lines of the windows. Then paint the houses black.{found on site}.

With some paint and a little creativity, you can try all sorts of fun designs. For example, try a chevron pattern for one of the pumpkins using white paint. Another idea is to paint the entire pumpkin with chalkboard paint and to draw funny faces on it.{found on feelinglovesome}.

For your entrance, we have a special project. Paint a pumpkin using gold paint. Then use a stencil to write your house number on it or simply glue on the number. Paint two smaller pumpkins black and use the trio to decorate the front entrance.{found on twigandthistle}.