5 DIY Textural Throw Pillows

5 DIY Textural Throw Pillows

Color is an important factor in creating a well-rounded space and in invoking a certain feeling in a room. Side-by-side with color, though, and sometimes overlooked, is the importance of including textural variety. One of the easiest ways to add texture to a space is through various fabrics…and one of the ways to include fabrics in a space is through throw pillows. Here are five DIY ideas to creating (or upgrading your existing) fantastically textural throw pillows:

Ruched Pillow.

This is quite a simple project with huge textural impact. All you need is a bit of fabric and a sewing machine, and you can easily recreate this beauty. A basting stitch makes the gathers of the ruching, and a straight stitch holds them in place on your pillow. Even a neutrally-neutral colored pillow looks stand-out with this textural touch.{found on deliacreates}.

Loose Pleats Pillow.

This pleated, lacy throw pillow is based off a piece of art that showcases sand, water, and sky. Don’t you love the resemblance?! Various textures makes the “natural elements” come alive. Using pleats and gradients of color, you can create a beachy look-alike as well. My favorite elements are the lace and pleated “waves.” Very creative.{found on sewhomegrown}.

Flower Pillow.

Using strips of linen, this organic flower pillow adds sophistication AND texture to any space. Simply gather one side of the linen strips and freehand sew them in a spiral onto your pillow square, and you’ll already have most of this beautiful pillow completed. This looks so pretty in its ivory color here, but I think it would do just as well in nearly any color…or any color combinations.{found on u-createcrafts}.

Lace Pillow.

So you’re looking for a less labor-intensive texture-promoting throw pillow DIY? One that you could knock out in an hour and still have time to fix a respectable dinner? This simple lace pillow tutorial has your name on it. And the result is perfectly sweet! What a perfect juxtaposition between the lace and the more masculine denimy-tweed fabric on this particular pillow; the sky is the limit in what character yours exudes.{found on bywilma}.

Pom Pom Pillow.

There couldn’t be an easier upgrade to add texture to your existing throw pillows than this one! Simply stitch large poms (or I suppose you could use small, if you wanted. That’s the beauty of DIY) onto your pillow front. BAM. Done. Then you can sit back (against your new throw pillows, of course), relax, and enjoy the rest of your afternoon. It’s a win-win, really.{found on martha}.