5 DIY leg warmers for the cold season

5 DIY leg warmers for the cold season

The weather will only get colder from now on so anticipate cooler weather and make yourself some leg warmers. You can wear them with both long and short pants as well as with skirts and they’re very versatile and comfortable. Save some money and have fun with a DIY project. It’s very easy to make leg warmers out of an old sweater. Here’s how:

Let’s start with this project. All you need for it is an old sweater that you no longer wear. First cut off the sleeves. Then measure them and cut them to size once again. After that, you can embellish them with buttons or you can leave them as such. They go well with boots.{found on myglutenfreequest}.

For this project you need similar supplies: an old sweater, buttons and a sewing machine. Cut off the sleeves and then cut off the tops. Cut the cuff and then sew it, then attach to the sleeve and flip it out. Sew a button on the side of the cuff and that’s all.{found on firefliesandjellybeans}.

Let’s continue with another example. These leg warmers were also made from a sweater. First, the sleeves need to come off. Put them on to see if they’re the right length and adjust it if needed. Then cut ribbon 2’’ longer than the leg warmer and glue it on. Finally, sew on a few buttons.{found on laviediy}.

A single old sweater can be taken apart to make all sorts of cool accessories such arm warmers, a headband, leg warmers and even a scarf. Let’s see how you make the leg warmers, you cut off the sleeves and you trim them. Then sew down the edges and that’s all.{found on site}

If you want your leg warmers to also have an accessory you can try this project. You’ll need elastic bands, a ruler, studs, scissors, a marker, clip closures and a sewing kit. Sew a clip closure onto the band and set marks for the studs. Attach the studs and sew the finished strap to the clip closure. Sew the band onto the leg warmers which you have made from the sleeves of a sweater.{found on site}.