5 DIY Floor Covering Ideas

5 DIY Floor Covering Ideas

Floor coverings can be tricky business. They’re often hard to find in the just-right size, color, shape, and pattern, and when and if you are so lucky to find the perfect one, it’s often a bit of a budget breaker. Fortunately for us all, there are loads of creative people out there who are figuring out ways to DIY their own floor coverings. I think you’ll find, as I have, that the end results are stylish, unique, and totally affordable. Check them out:

Simple Painted Mat.

Transform an old (or new) blah basic floor mat into a custom piece. Simply spray paint the mat whatever base color you choose. Then, keeping your preferred shapes and colors in mind, use painter’s tape to mark off your pattern. Latex paint will turn the shapes into a bright, personalized floor mat that fits your space perfectly. What a super simple, fantastic idea.

Plywood Desk Rug.

This idea is certainly non-traditional, but it’s so creative and functional…and stylish! It’s especially effective as an office “rug,” allowing free movement of chair casters without sacrificing color and style. Simply take a large piece of plywood, paint it how you want, add a protective coating (e.g., clear paint, polyurethane), and viola! A DIY “rug” that will impress everyone, including yourself.

Rag Rug.

Reusing old t-shirts and sheets or extra fabric to create a bright, friendly rug like this is my idea of upcycling! Solid complementary colors (or at least very small prints so that they read as a single color) work best in a rug like this, where the charm and beauty comes from the circular pattern. Using strips of your fabric and a basic crochet stitch, you can create a rug for every room and every occasion. This one is called, quite fittingly, “Sunset Rag Rug.” Stunning.

Fabric Floor Mat.

This is the ultimate in DIY rugs. It looks high-end and is customizable, both in size and surface. Simply find a floor mat, such as a rubber one at a home improvement store, and cut it to the size you want. Cut the fabric a little bigger than that, use spray adhesive to attach, topcoat it with a sealant, and viola! Insta-mat that looks great and fits your space to a “T.”

Painted Foam Mat.

If you’ve got access to an ugly foam play mat, consider yourself unlucky no more! Because this rug transformation is incredible. Simply flip the play mat over, prime it, and paint it any color and pattern you like. This particular chevron rug is done with chalkboard paint, and I think it absolutely makes the space pop. There are a lot of reasons why my kids are jealous of the kid(s) who live here, starting with that fantastic tipi…