5 DIY Earring Holder Designs You Can Try Right Now

5 DIY Earring Holder Designs You Can Try Right Now

Tired of having to dig through all the contents of your drawer or jewelry box to find the earrings you want to wear? The solution is simple. Make an earring holder. Sure, you could also buy one but sometimes it’s just easier to make things yourself. Plus, these projects can be done using things you may already have in your home.

Take an old photo frame and turn it into an earring organizer by attaching a durable metal screen to it. Secure it with small nails or glue and use the small holes to organize your earrings. You can paint the frame a fun color if you want.Available on etsy.

Everyone has some old CDs in their house and they’re pretty much useless at this point. So upcycle one and turn it into an earring stand. It’s a great way to use one of your favorite old CDs and to keep it around even when it’s all scratched up.{found on fabdiy}.

This one is not only practical but also really chic. You can make it using black lace, an embroidery hoop, some spray paint. First paint the hoop and allow it to dry. Then stretch the lace over the toop, secure it in place and trim the excess.

If you still have one of those old wooden hangers in your home, perhaps it’s time to transform it into something else. For example, you can attach small hooks to its underside and turn it into a jewelry holder you can use for earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

This project starts with a simple frame. Sand it and paint it to make it beautiful. Then take some strips of lace or fabric and glue them onto the back of the frame after you stretch them well. After that you can hang the frame on a wall or display it on your desk or vanity.{found on natashagoes}.