5 DIY Clutch Ideas For The Chic And Practical Woman You Are

5 DIY Clutch Ideas For The Chic And Practical Woman You Are

I’ve never been a fan of clutches because I prefer to have my hands free but this doesn’t I don’t find them beautiful or stylish. A clutch can be the perfect accessory to a smart, elegant, chic or casual outfit and this makes it very versatile. Clutches are also fairy easy to make so here are 5 DIY designs you can try.

Let’s start with this colorblock leather clutch. You need to cut a few pieces of leather in the shapes shown here. The dimensions can vary according to your preferences. Sew the pieces together and add the lining. Turn it, topstitch around the outside and that’s all there is to it.{found on lovestitched}.

A felt clutch can also look beautiful. To make one you need some felt and scraps of suede or leather, interfacing and cording. You cut the pieces to size, put them together, sew and then you add the details. The tassel looks really nice.{found on eatsleepmake}.

This is a more unusual clutch because it’s made using paper and duct tape. Fold the paper into thirds and trim the front flat into a triangle shape. Cover the paper with vertical strips of duct tape and use the lightest color. Trim the edges and then add horizontal strips. Fold the paper to create an envelope shape and seal the edges with tape. Then add the colored duct tape and make zig zags. Add the velcro closure and you’re done.{found on sarahhearts}.

This is also an unusual clutch design. To make you need two lucite trays, two hinges, decorative hasp and adhesive. Add adhesive to the bottom part of each side of the hinge and glue it onto the outer edge of the tray. Glue the second hinge in the same way. Add adhesive to the bottom of the hesp set and put it onto the center of the upper long edge.{found on swellmayde}.

Let’s now return to more traditional designs. To make this clutch you need copy paper, tape, stud grommets, leather and glue. Tape two pieces of paper together and fold them in three setions. Unfold them and fold in sides. Cut the top outside sections and bottom sections to make a plus sign. Mark the patter on the leather and cut out. Fold in the middle flaps and fold up and the long bottom flap. Make holes and secure with grommets.{found on alwaysrooney}.