5 DIY Ankle Bracelets To Accessory Your Summer Wardrobe With

5 DIY Ankle Bracelets To Accessory Your Summer Wardrobe With

Summer is when girls get to truly be girls, when we get rid of the excess clothing and finally feel free. It’s also the season when certain accessories gain popularity. For example, an ankle bracelet is just what you need this summer so go ahead and make your own beautiful accessories to complement your seasonal wardrobe with.

This double chain ankle bracelet is fairly easy to make and shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes to complete. To make it, you need a simple thin chain, a rhinestone chain, a large ring, 6 small rings, a closure spaces, a closure and pliers.

First connect the rhinestone chain and two pieces of simple chain using small rings. Then make the second chain using two thin chains and a big ring at the center. Attach the ends of the two chains to the spacer using small rings and then add the enclosure.{found on annaevers}.

To make this colorful anklet, start by cutting a piece of wire and making a loop at one end. Then add the colored crystals (as many as you want) and cut off the excess wire. Then push a jump ring through one side of the crystal bar and through the end link of the chain. Measure the anklet and cut the chain, then add another jump ring to connect it.

Figure out where the middle of the chain is and cut it. Then add a jump ring on one side and another one plus a clasp on the other and that’s all.{found on clonesnclowns}.

Want something simpler and less colorful? How about this design? It’s definitely elegant since it’s made with a 14k gold chain but you can pretty much use any type of chain you have. First cut the chain to the desired length. Then open the jump ring attached to the clasp and thread the end of the chain onto the ring. Close it and then focus on the other end. You can also add a small charm.{found on honestlywtf}.

For this chic ankle bracelet you need a long chain, a bead, 2 small jump rings, a lobster clasp and a head pin. Clip two small pieces of chain and put the head pin through the bead. Cut the excess of the pin and slide on the small pieces of chain. Bend the end into a loop. Cut a longer piece of chain and attach the top loop of the bead to its center with a jump ring. Add another ring to one end and a lobster clasp to the other and that’s all.{found on hellonatural}.

To make this colorful bracelet, you need thin cord and tiny beads. Measure the cord and cut 3” from the end. Do the same thing for the other two colors and then tie them all with a knot. Then thread a few beads onto each strand. You can mix and match them as you want. You can also tie knots in between to separate the colors and space down the beads. Then tie it on and you’re done.{found on happyhourprojects}.