5 Delicious Crab Dinner Recipes

5 Delicious Crab Dinner Recipes

A crab dinner is usually something you serve on a special occasion so it’s important to pick a great recipe to go with the main ingredient. Today we’ve selected for you 5 tasty crab recipes to try next time you have guests coming.

The first recipe is for creamy crab au gratin. You start by cooking the mushrooms and celery and then you stir in the broth and you heat to boiling. Then you beat flower and pepper sauce and you stir the mix into the vegetable mixture. You heat to boiling and stir and, at the end, you add the crabmeat.{found on bettycrocker}.

The next recipe is for spaghetti with crab and basil. First you cook the pasta. Then you melt butter in a pan and you add the tomato, then the lemon juice, lemon rind, stock and cream. After that you add the crab meat and some basil.{found on taste}.

This is a recipe for shrimp and crab gumbo. You cook the sausage and then you mix in the onions, green peppers, okra and jalapeno. You melt dark roux in a pot and you add in shrimp stock as well sausage and vegetable mixture and tomatoes. You let it cook for an hour and then you add the crab and shrimp.{found on martha}.

Here’s how you make crab, lemon and herb linguine. You cook the pasta and drain it. Then you heat oil in a pan and you add garlic, then the crab, then the pasta, lemon juice, basil and parsley.{found on taste}.

Our final recipe is for crispy crabs with bean salad. Cook beans or peas until tender. Then put them with tomatoes in a a bowl and add basil and salt and pepper. Bea together milk and eggs and separately mix together flour, cornstarch, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. Dip each crab in the milk mixture and then coat it in the flour mixture and bake it.{found on site}.