5 Chic Ways To Wear Stripes This Spring

5 Chic Ways To Wear Stripes This Spring

Stripes always have been and always will be stylish so nothing changed there. What changes is the way you wear the stripes. Though the pattern is a classic, you can adapt it and make it suit any style you want. Here are 5 different ways in which you can wear stripes this spring and use them to showcase your personality.

A striped dress

what could be more feminine, simple and also quirky than a striped dress? You can’t go wrong with such an outfit. It’s a lovely option for pretty much any occasion. Wear it at the office, in the club, when going shopping, etc.

Colorful stripes

Of course, black and white aren’t the only colors that go well with stripes. In fact, colorful stripes are really interesting. They have this ability to look vintage, bohemian, modern or even sophisticated, depending on the type of outfit you pair them with and also depending on your personality.

Stripes on stripes

Stripes are so cute and chic that sometimes one striped piece of clothing just isn’t enough. You can successfully mix two or more elements that feature stripes as long as each piece maintains its uniqueness and there’s a clear distinction between them.

Mixed prints

Sure, you like stripes. But you also like other prints so why not combine them all? That’s a nice idea for those of you who enjoy standing out from the crowd and aren’t afraid to look bold. So feel free to mix stripes with any other prints you like.

A single stripe

Of course, you don’t need a whole bunch of stripes to make a point or to look beautiful. In fact, a single stripe can be enough if you know how to wear it. It’s all in the details and the way colors and shapes and combined.