5 Beautiful Fall Wreath Ideas For Hanging On The Door

5 Beautiful Fall Wreath Ideas For Hanging On The Door

Summer is nice while it lasts and, although we don’t want it to go away, sooner or later we have to embrace the new season that takes its place. Fall can be beautiful too. The foliage is definitely something to look forward too. All the beautiful colors that replace the bright summer shades have a certain elegance to them. You can incorporate them along with other symbolic elements into a beautiful wreath which you can hang on your entrance door as soon as autumn comes along.

This is a wreath decorated with paper doily flowers and it’s very beautiful. To make it, you need a large grapevine wreath, 9 small to medium paper doilies, a glue gun and seasonal floral picks. To make the flowers, first fold the doily in half and then pinch the center and push the outside edges towards the center. Continue until the flower shape begins to be visible.{found on hwtm}.

A monogramed wreath can be a nice way of personalizing your entrance. Here’s how you can make one. You’ll need burlap, a foam wreath form, yarn, a wooden letter, chipboard letters and straight pins. Cut a few strips of burlap and then wrap them around the wreath form. Use pins to hold it in place. Then wrap the yarn around the wooden letter. Put a few pins through the yarn on the back of the letter and insert them into the foam. Wrap yarn around the wreath and add the chipboard letters.{found on hauteapplepie}.

Here’s another lovely fall wreath. It’s also made using a foam wreath foam and colored yarn wrapped around it. Then rhombus shapes were attached and held in place with grey yarn. The wrath looks like a sweater. It’s decorated with small pumpkins, fall flowers and a lovely little owl.{found on site}.

Although very simple, this burlap wreath looks very chic. To make it, you need yarn, an h hook, a tapestry needle and a rose pattern. Make rosebuds and leaves of different sizes and attach them to the wreath. The contrast of colors is very nice and the actual design of the wreath is stylish.{found on petalstopicots}.

This wreath is made of twigs and it’s decorated with paper feather and a very cut white owl. The feathers are easy to make and you can cut them out of colored paper in different fall colors. Decorate the wreath with pinecones and dried flowers and add the owl at the end.{found on site}.