5 Beautiful Bags For Stylish Photographers

5 Beautiful Bags For Stylish Photographers

The usual canvas bags in which cameras come are designed with functionality in mind but they have nothing to do with style. So, if you want both, you’ll have to look elsewhere. You can start by taking a look at these 5 stylish bags that were designed to hold the camera, lenses and other necessities while also allowing you to look good.

Let’s start with the Charlotte in metallic chevron by Epiphanie Bags. It would be perfect as a handbag but it just so happens that it’s a perfect camera bag as well. It has removable padded dividers so the transition is very easy.

The next bag on our list is Ginger, also from Epiphanie. It adds a lovely pop of color to your outfit and it has lots of compartments that allow you to safely carry all your lenses and other equipment you need for a shoot. The bag also comes in other colors.

The Lola bag is another stylish model from the same designers. It’s available in several stunning colors and it’s made of sturdy faux leather with metal hardware. Inside it’s designed with plenty of room for storage.

If you prefer a smart elegant look, then maybe this Palma bag by Ona is the right one for you. it has a classic look and a sophisticated but simple flair. Inside there’s plenty of room for the camera, two lenses and a tablet.

Add a touch of color and style to your outfit with this chic Rachel Cave bag by Cheeky Lime. The chevron print gives it a trendy look and makes it eye-catching. Inside, the bag has pockets for the camera, three lenses and even a laptop.