5 Adorable Easter Crafts To Try This Year

5 Adorable Easter Crafts To Try This Year

We all get enthusiastic just before Easter. But there’s not a lot you can do in the meantime except maybe craft some decorations and plan some delicious treats for the upcoming holiday. We’re not talking about anything too complicated. There are plenty of simple crafts you can try this year. For example:

Yarn bunnies

This is a really simple decoration you can make. You need a piece of cardboard or a photo frame and some paper, plus some colored yard and tape. Cut out a bunny shape in the paper or cardboard and then take a bunch of yarn strips and line them up to fill the bunny-shaped hole from the other side. Tape down the ends.{found on katiescrochetgoodies}.

Balloon eggs

For this project you need large balloons, white glue, hair spray, scissors, a paintbrush and colored string or yarn. Fill the balloon with air and tie it. Then take the string and wrap it around the balloon. Use the brush to apply glue all over the string and the balloon. Let it sit there and dry for a day. Then pop the balloon and cut out an opening in the egg. Decorate it however you want.

Carrot napkins

This is really simple actually. You need orange napkins and green cutlery. As you wrap the napkins around the cutlery sets, they’ll pretty much start to look like carrots because of the colors and the shape. Secure them with something green.{found on theyarecrafty}.

Mason jar treats

Prepare some treats and put together some cute Mason jars. You can layer all sorts of things in them and mix and match the colors however you want. Get your favorite candy, maybe some tiny bunny-shaped treats, marshmallow and anything else you like.

Birdseed eggs

But why should you and your guests be only ones enjoying Easter treats? How about you offer the birds something special too? Make some birdseed eggs to put outside. Mix 1/3 cup of gelatine in 1 and a half cups of water. Stir in 8 ½ cups of birdseed. Coat your egg molds with vegetable spray and pack them with the mixture. Let them chill for a few hours and then put them in a paper egg carton and let the birds enjoy their treats.{found on thelittlefabricshop}.