4 Myths About Hair You Shouldn’t Believe

4 Myths About Hair You Shouldn’t Believe

There are so many people that insist on you doing a certain thing to your hair because that’s how it works without being able to sustain these statements with proof. Well, you shouldn’t believe everything people say. There are lots of myths about hair that everyone knows about and simply pass on without checking if they’re real first. Here are just 4 of them.

Trimming leads to hair growth

You probably heard this before: if you trim your hair regularly it will grow faster. All trimming does is get rid of split ends and maintain a healthy hair overall. It has nothing to do with the rate at which your hair grows. It doesn’t increase the length of the hair although healthy hair looks better.

Plucking gray hairs makes more grow
Another ridiculous hair myth says that if you pluck your gray hairs more will grow instead. It has nothing to do with that and it’s absolutely false. Plucking your hair might lead to irritations of the follicles which will cause your hair to look unhealthy but, other than that, it has no other negative effects.

You have to comb the hair from top to bottom

Detangling your hair is not fun or easy but combing definitely helps. However, there’s this stupid that says you should comb your hair from top to bottom and that does more harm than good. It causes a lot of breakage, especially if the hair is wet. It’s best to start at the end and to work your way up.

Split ends can be repaired
There are lots of products that promise magical things like repairing your split ends. They’re all lies because once you have a split end it’s impossible to repair it. All those products do is offer a temporary solution and make it seem like your split ends have been repaired when, in fact, the problem is still there.