4 Makeup Tips For A Successful Job Interview

4 Makeup Tips For A Successful Job Interview

Different occasions and event call for different makeup techniques. For example, you can’t wear the same makeup when you’re doing to a club and when going to a job interview. The success of that interview is closely related to the impression you create and to your looks. Here are some tips that will definitely help improve your chances.

Soft shades.

When going to a job interview, it’s important to use softer shades. For example, you can use beiges, light pinks and soft browns. Try to avoid greys, blacks, purples and other dramatic colors. Try to maintain a natural look.

Avoid using bronzer.

Another tip is to leave the bronzer at home when you’re going to a job interview. It creates a dramatic statement and it’s not the time or place for that. Instead, try to obtain a very clean, porcelain look. Use foundation, powder and a little blush if you really want to have a flawless look.

No glitter.

If you like using glitter or shimmer when applying makeup, you should leave those things at home when doing to a job interview. You don’t want to be all sparkly and glitzy. Don’t let the employer focus on your makeup instead of on what you’re saying. Mate colors are your best choice in this case.

Quality mascara.

Mascara is important for any type of makeup, including the one you’ll be using for the job interview. It’s important to have a good mascara that will not smudge or crease because this will give you a sloppy and careless look, not the type an employer wants to see.

Soft lip colors.

Another important thing to remember when going to a job interview is to use softer color on the lips. Avoid dramatic shades like red or coral and opt instead for peach, pink or nude shades. Enhance the natural color of your lips and try to look natural overall.