31 Cake Ideas For Fall Weddings

31 Cake Ideas For Fall Weddings

The cake is a very important part in a wedding. It has to be carefully chosen and it needs to be introduced in a pleasant and special manner. As for the actual design of the cake, it can depend on several factors. For example, you can get some inspiration from nature and from all the changes that happen each season.

A fall wedding could have a cake inspired by the colors of the season. And since such cakes are usually decorated with flowers anyway, you can take advantage of that and use actual real flowers or sugar flowers that mimic the real ones in terms of color and texture. The main colors to look for are red, orange, yellow and brown. They are earthy shades, warm and elegant at the same time.

Given the color palette it would also be a nice idea to have a chocolate cake. This way there would be a brown background for all the other colorful details you choose to have on the cake. In terms of decorations, there are many great ideas that you can use for a fall wedding. For example, besides flowers, you can also have fruit such as apples or pairs as well as tiny pumpkins. You could also decorate the cake with pinecones.

To add an original touch to the way the cake is presented, you can choose to place it on a piece of wood similar to a tree stump. The main concern should be to combine the colors and textures in such a way that the whole cake looks harmonious and beautiful.

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