31 Best Man Bun Braids Hairstyles 2019

31 Best Man Bun Braids Hairstyles 2019

Men’s haircuts have been a strong trend for men for several years. The men’s bun may be a relatively new long hairstyle for men, but it has been around for as long as men with long hair. And although longer hair can be a fashion statement for many men, a man’s bun with pigtails is easy to get, easy to style, and stylish to wear. Also, long hair for men can be very easy to care for if not pulled back into a ponytail or a knot, and man-made pigtail styles are a unique and trendy method.

From the braided top knot to the 2-braided man bun with high top braids, we’ve put together the best man-bun braid hairstyles. Below are some great braids for men’s buns and ideas that will help you get the most out of your long hair.

If you’re not sure how to make a bun by braiding your hair or needing fresh braided bun styles Keep things interesting, you’ll love these cool braided hairstyles.

Man Bun Braids

Best Man Bun Braid Hairstyles

The best braided buns may not be the best for you Therefore it is important that you think about the texture, thickness and length of your hair when deciding which of these styles to try. Some are suitable for everyone, regardless of the hair type, and others are more suitable for men with thick or wavy hair. The cool thing about all these styles is the fact that you can customize them as you like, whether you want to weave in a different direction or place your buns higher or lower than shown in the examples. [19659002] Best Man bun with pigtails

For example, the side-bread roll is designed on the side instead of the top of your head. Some messy hairstyles look better even with a full beard, while others with a fade or undercut on the sides look perfect to highlight the longer hair up.

Man Bun Braids Hairstyles

Though Man Bun hairstyle hairstyles The men’s buns with plaits down below offer endless possibilities, which offer many possibilities and give the men plenty of room to experiment.

Dutch braids for men

Dutch braids for men

Dutch braids are easy to do and they can look amazing if done right. Dutch braiding on both sides of the head before you pull your braids back into a bun – either neat or messy – makes it look like you’re styling your hair more than you.

Dutch Braids on Guys

For reference, Dutch braids are designed on boys as an inverted French pigtail hairstyle; Instead of taking each hair section over the next, instead, take each section below the one in front of it, resulting in a raised braid with thicker knots.

Double Man Bun

Double Man Bun

The double man bun is perfect for guys who have extra thick hair. To do this with braids, just braid your hair everywhere (think Cornrows or smaller Dutch braids) and then put it in two buns instead of one.

Doppelmannbrötchen with pigtails

It can be a bit of experimenting to really find the best double-man bun style for your face and look, but that’s the great thing about it – experimenting is fun, casual and yet classic. The double man bread roll is also good for a haircut or an undercut on the sides. Ask your barber to try these cuts and see what they look like.

Two-Braid Man Bun

2 Braid Man Bun

A 2-Braid-Mann bun is a trendy long hairstyle for men who can pull the look. Start with two pigtails – one on each side of your head – and you can use either a French or a Dutch pigtail according to your wishes. Then make sure that the two braids meet at a central point and pull them into a bun. You can even weave them together to make them even more complex.

Two Braid Man Bun - Hairstyles

If you do it that way, avoid tangles if you have extra long hair. You can also split your hair in half in the middle of your head, make a braid on both sides, and then pull each side up into a messy bun.

French Braid Man Bun

French Braid Man Bun

The French Bortenbrötchen is another sexy braided hairstyle for men that can be set up in minutes. Just start at the top of the head and braid as usual, but instead of braiding along the entire length of your hair, stop when you reach the point where you want your bun to go and twist it into a knot.

Man sandwiches with French braids

French braids are essential to protect your hair from the wind. So if you are traveling by bike or boat, this is a good length hairstyle to choose. You can split your hair in half and use separate French braids that meet in a single knot on the back.

Side Braid Bun

Side Braid Bun

A Side Braid Bun speaks volumes It may not be as common as other braided hairstyles on this list, but the side braid is unique and hot. Just braid a section along the side of your head and pull it back with the remaining hair back into the knot.

Easy Side Braid for men

In fact, the boys can combine the side braid with any number of haircuts, including a pompadour, a smooth back or a messy medium-length hairstyle. This braid can be thin, thick, clean or loose as long as it fits the style you are trying to create.

Short man with pigtails

Short man with pigtails

A short bun with pigtails is a great style for men who just want to grow their hair out or just do not want it to grow beyond the shoulder length. Braids for men with short hair work best with one or more French braids that are close together. This is because French pigtail styles help to hide overhangs and loose strands of hair, as short hair can easily be put under longer ones.

Braids for men with short hair

When the braid reaches the back of your head, just turn it up and fix it with a hair tie. You can do it with braids on your head, on the side or anywhere. Short man rolls look better when kept neat, but if your hair is long enough, you can pull the messy man roll look.

Long men’s bunny braids

Long men's bunny braids

The long roll is currently a popular hairstyle for men, especially black men with dreads. Cornrows that have been pulled into a bun that rolls gently in different directions is the latest craze, and the good news is that it’s as functional as it is stylish.

Long braided men bun hairstyles for black men with horror

No matter how long your hair is, if you braid it and put it in a long bun, this can help keep your hairstyle out of the way. Long hair braids are also a great way to extend the time between shampoos because braided hair does not show natural oils as well as unspun hair.

Braided Bun Fade

Braided Bun Fade [19659002] The braided man-bun Fade is a cool hairstyle that combines short sides with longer hair. A braided fade offers unlimited possibilities because there are so many different types of fades – high, low, medium, skin or temperature – and many different ways to style braided hair.

Braids with Fade

All of the above braided man bread styles work well with a fading haircut on the sides. To remove braids with a crossfade, you must first start medium to long hair – at least 4 to 6 inches. You can opt for a short man’s bun or a long braided hairstyle, and you can use French braids, Dutch braids or cornrows.

Temp fade with pigtails

Finally, the short hair faded The sides will contrast and emphasize the longer braided hair at the top.

Man bun undercut with braids

Man bun undercut with braids

The doubled Man Bun looks similar to the cone at the top of the fade cut, but instead of a fade that gradually narrows as it goes down over the ears to the nape, undercut hairstyles are all one length. The braided undercut for men’s buns provides the same contrast and focus on the top of the hair and is often combined with a dense beard to provide a rugged, masculine look.

Braided man bun hairstyle for men [19659002] The braiding of the upper part of the hair in front of the bun adds style. Again, you can choose the number and type of braids you want. So do not hesitate to try different looks until you find one that best suits your look. The best thing about the undercut is that even if you leave your hair down, you can cross a smooth undercut or crest.

Braided man roll with shaved sides

If you love With this cool haircut for men, you might want to cut even shorter with your braided bun.

Black Man Bun Braid

Black Man Bun Braids

The black men’s braid is really the original braided hairstyle for men. Also known as cornrows, men’s bun braids are for black men with dreads from relatively short to longer.

Cornrow Fade Man Bun

These braids can be thick or thin depending on your preference and your natural appearance. Thick braids are best for thicker hair, while thin braids are better for thinner or less rough hair.

Man Bun Braid Styles for black men

When you put some paint into your braid, you can look good on any braid definition. Whether you’re getting the cornrow-fade-man roll, the black under-cut bun or box braids, these black man-bun braids are fresh, trendy and bad. Here are more top haircuts for black men:

Messy Man Bun

Messy Man Bun

The Messy Man Bun is a hot hipster hairstyle for men that is still popular today. Although braids are usually woven into hair to prevent messy entanglements and the like, the braided messy bun can make a statement. Easy to maintain and messy braided hairstyles for long hair are the ideal companion for men who are too busy in the morning or just want a casual but sexy look.

Messy braided hairstyles for long hair men

Start with one or more clearly visible pigtails and then pull them back into a knot together with the rest of your hair. Instead of the clean, perfectly-fryed bun that you may see, the goal is to break pieces of hair or single pigtails. This is a great look for men with long, wavy or thick hair.

Braided topknot

Braided topknot for men

The braided topknot is nothing more than a tight knot on the head, and a braided hairstyle top knot is a sexy way to style this cool look. You can braid all the hair in rows before pulling it into the bun, or you can pull your hair into a high ponytail, braid it and then twist the braid around itself to form the knot.

Braided Top Knot Bun

The main difference between a braided bun with other knots is the height of the bun; In most styles, a roll that sits high on the back of the head is ideal, but other topknits with topknots often sit closer to the crown.

Best Man Bun Braids