3 Apple Crafts To Get You Into The Fall Mood

3 Apple Crafts To Get You Into The Fall Mood

Autumn brings with it lots of goodies such as the delicious and versatile pumpkins that have become a symbol of Halloween and, of course, the apples. Although nowadays it’s easy to find apples during the rest of the year too, autumn is when they’re most delicious. So how about a nice project involving apples so you can really feel that autumn has come.

Apple cider cocktail.

For this recipe you need honey, cinnamon sticks, sugar, cloves, apple juice, bourbon, apples and lemon juice. Put the first 5 ingredients in a pot and boil for 5 minutes. Then let it simmer for half an hour. Remove the cores of the apples to make cups. Submerge the apples in lemon water. Strain the cider, add bourbon and pour into the apple cups.{found on greenweddingshoes}.

Apple candles.

The supplies needed are apples, red and orange crayons, wax, an empty can, a knife and apple spice. Mix the crayon bits with the wax in a can and then place in a pot with water and bring to a boil. Scoop out the top of the apples. Place the wick inside and pour in the hot wax.{found on sayyestohoboken}.

Apple wreath.

To make the wreath you need apples, a slicer, lemon juice, an oven or dehydrator and a hot glue gun. Cut apple slices and put them in lemon juice to prevent browning. Dry the slices and then arrange them as you wish on the wreath. Glue them in place.{found on lmichellek}.