28 New Men Long Bun Hair Ideas

28 New Men Long Bun Hair Ideas

hairstyle trends have changed over time and you can create many different and unique styles for simple yet modern looks. Long hairstyles are becoming more and more popular for men, they look very modern and cool at the same time. Man bun takes over the internet and I think men with long hair and messy man buns looks really attractive. Today’s post shows you really cool long hairstyle ideas for men!

If you have thick and wavy hair, long hairstyles are definitely a perfect choice for you but men with thin and flat hair should avoid long hairstyles. Instead, go with a medium to long hairstyles with volume and layering. Man-roll would be the best idea if you want to get your hair out of your face, make sure to make it easy and messy for casual looks. Slicked and wet low bun is a great choice for special occasions.

1. Men Long Bun Hair

Attractive hair, sleeves, men, long, beard, rolls, asos

2. Fashion hair

Fashion Hair, White, Men, World, Sleeve, Short, Polo, Over, Neck

3. Trendy hair

Trendy hair, trends, men, long, rolls, beard

4. Half Up Half Down

Half Down, Men, Medium, Long, Half, Bun

5. Cool hair

Cool Hair, Men, Men, Male, Long, Fashion

6. Half Up Half Down

Half Down, Half, Up, Sunglasses, Suit, Sport, Round

7. Sexy hair

Sexy Hair, Men, Long, Fashion, White, Wetsuit, Shape, Human, Male

8. rolls and beard

Buns and beard, fashion, sweets

9. Bohemian style

Bohemian style, summer, spring, Jared, season, men, Leto, beard, 204

10. Casual hairstyle

Casual Hairstyle, Gandy, David, Men, Men, Man, Hipster, Rolls, Beards

11. Brock O’Hurn

Brock O'Hurn, Rolls, Outlander, Mens, Down, Rolls

12. Boy hair

Boys hair, Gents, Dean, Steve, Mcqueen, Lang, Knot, James

13. Trendy hair

Trendy hair, men, long, Kardashian, boys

14. Long Bun Hair

long bun hair, messy, men, dos, buns

15. Attractive hair

Attractive Hair, Charlie, Navy, Men, Long, Jax, Jamie, Hunnam, Bun

16. Long Bun Hair

Long Bun Hair, Men, Jamie, Hunnam, Charlie, Travis, One, Fimmel

17. Sexy hair

Sexy Hair, Wild, Tattoo, Men, David, Beckham, Beard, Already

18. Casual hairstyle

Casual Hairstyle, Jamie, Dornan, Bun, Men's Fashion, Celebrities, Bread Roll

19. Red hair

Red Hair, Thorin, Men, Oakenshield, Lang, Hunnam, Hot, Hobbit

20. Trendy hair

Trendy Hair, Long, Boys, Without, Trends, Trend, Men, Men

21. Ruanui Dalton

Ruanui Dalton, Messy, Bun, Men, Long

22. Asian hair

Asian hair, long, men, Korean, braids

23. Beard long hair

Beard long hair, Zayn, model, Malik, hot, Engin, Aky├╝rek

24. Hot hair

hot hair, men, men, long, David, rolls, rolls, Beckham, beards

25. Casual hairstyle

Casual Hairstyle, Long, Mens, Seahawks, Mens, Soccer

26. Blonde hair

Blonde Hair, Steve, Sexy, Racer, Motorcycle, Men, McQueen, Cafe, Boys

27. Sexy hair

Sexy Hair, Tiara, Long, Handsome, Roll, Brocko'Hurn

28. Brock O’Hurn

Brock O'Hurn, Bun, Jamie, Charlie, Sexy, Men, Long, Hunnam, Guys