25 dreamy wedding hairstyles for long hair

25 dreamy wedding hairstyles for long hair

Whether you’ve had hair for a long time or you just grew up for your big day, one thing is for sure. You’ll need a dreamy hairstyle that will make all happy tears come to mind when they see you, and that will make him fall in love with his beautiful bride again. That’s why we’ve searched the Internet high and wide and put together an exhaustive list of the best 25 long hair wedding hairstyles that will surely inspire you on the one day you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.

1. Updos for long hair with veil

Although more and more brides give up the veil, that does not mean you have to do it too. It is part of the old tradition not to look at your fiancee before you actually marry her. It’s romantic and fun!

Veil wedding hairstyles for long hair

2. The Pearl Headpiece

We’re back to headwear with this truly unique vintage number that will surely be the talk of the party. It comes with three little combs that go into your hair and secure it in place. And did you see the number of pearls?

elegant headdress wedding hairstyles for long hair

3. The headscarf of the turn of the century

This is a fantastic way to combine two trends. Headscarves experience a revival as we speak. But you have to do a lot more wedding, festive and special. Therefore, we recommend this 1900 bejeweled headscarf. Use the same fabric as for your wedding dress.

Turn of the century headscarf wedding hairstyles for long hair

4. The Vintage Birdcage Veil

Another way to get important vintage points and get on your wedding hairstyles for long hair play is wearing a birdcage veil. It will make you look mysterious and elegant.

Vintage birdcage veil wedding hairstyles for long hair

5. Flapper Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Are you as in love with the jazz era as we are? How about a themed wedding? You can wear a special, theatrical, feathery headdress and flapper makeup that will make you look flawless on your special day.

Flapper wedding hairstyles for long hair

6. Sweet wedding hairstyles for long hair

This is actress Keira Knightley at a red carpet event, which is really the idea for the wedding hairstyles for long hair of our dreams. She opted for a wavy and structured low bun with a wealth of white diamond stars she wore in her hair.

Stars marrying hairstyles for long hair

7. Wedding hairstyles for long hair with dreads

If you have dreads and you do not know how to style them on your big day, here’s an idea. This is a Jumbo French braid that is interspersed with strands of white pearls. It also has roses and green leaves that add a bit of texture.

Dreads wedding hairstyles for long hair

8. Wedding hairstyles for long hair with pearls

We bet you’ve seen wedding hairstyles with pearls, but not like that. One thing is for sure. These are not your grandmother’s pearls. The reason why we love this modern style so much is that it is so urban, fresh and architectural at the same time.

modern pearls that wag hairstyles for long hair

9. Dolce & Gabbana wedding hairstyles for long hair

Leave it to the Italian fashion designer D & G to show us how to become bizarre on the most beautiful day of our lives. This is just one of the hairstyles from Spring Show 2014. It features pink and white wedding roses as well as oversized, faux, ancient Roman coins.

10. Minimalist wedding hairstyles for long hair

Do you remember when we said that less is more? That’s what we meant. If you find this perfect hair piece for your wedding, it will be more than enough. No crystals, diamonds, sparks and glitter anymore. Simply pure elegance.

minimalist wedding hairstyles for long hair

11. Unique hairstyles for weddings

Not all brides are traditional and that’s amazing. We have to flee a little from the age-old look of the pristine bride with a heavy veil on her face and top on her shoulders. This outstanding headpiece consists of blue and purple, watery crystals.

Crystals Wedding hairstyles for long hair

12. Wedding bun for long hair

When talking about the modern bride, you just know that when it comes to long hair wedding hairstyles, buns are not enough, right? This is your moment to shine, sparkle, be creative and burst with light and beauty. These golden metallic specifications will repeat city lights.

metallic specs  The bright wedding hairstyles for long hair

13. Wedding hairstyles for long hair with spikes

How about a bride with an edge? Show your teeth and claws in a fashionable and cute way by wearing punk rock spikes in your hair. We also love the color, which is a dusty, pastel-colored iris, combined with a bit of gray.

Spikes wedding hairstyles for long hair

14. The long chain

Here is another type of necklace that you can wear in your hair on your wedding day. This drapes at the back of the head and mixes with the long strands. In this way the light captures the shimmer of the metal and makes your sparkle arise.

long-chain wedding hairstyles for long hair

15. Updos for thick hair

Natural thick hair is not easy to handle, especially if it is very long. But do not worry. Also in this situation we have the perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair. This is a Rapunzel-inspired updo with satin ribbon straps that hold your thick hair in place.

Satin wedding hairstyles for long hair

16. The Pearl Bun

Does not that sound like dessert? Maybe it should, because your wedding hairstyle will be just as cute. It’s an extremely classic and elegant spiral low bun that has been taken to the next level by draping three strings of pearls over it.

Bun draped in pearl headpiece wedding hairstyles for long hair

17. Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

You did not think we might have missed the mark on beach weddings, right? What we recommend in this case are either beach waves in your long hair or a simple but effective headpiece made of flowers, of course, pearls and natural dried starfish.

Beach wedding hairstyles for long hair

18 wedding hairstyles with flowers for long hair

We’ve seen quite a few themed flower crowns on this list of wedding hairstyles for long hair, but none quite like these. This is the luxury version of the wedding flower crown, made with purple orchids, red and yellow roses. The plum make-up is made to fit.

Violet orchids, which have hairstyles for long hair

19. White orchids wedding hairstyles for long hair

You’ve seen the luxurious violet orchid version of the bridal crown, now it’s time for the white orchid. It speaks of innocence and purity, and you can combine it with a tulle dress and minimal make-up. This is for the blushing bride.

white orchids wedding hairstyles for ling hair

20. Bridal party hairstyles for long hair

If huge and lush headgear with exotic flowers is not really your cup of tea, how about something found in your garden? This is a minimal bridal crown from a single large peony in bloom. Pair it with your bouquet. You can almost smell it …

minimal peony wedding hairstyles for long hair

21. Harry Potter Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

We only saw one wedding set in the wizarding world, but what a wedding it was. Fleur Delacour as a bride was just stunning with her feathered ball gown made from a dress with two black peacocks draping her entire silhouette. Her hair was parted in the middle, she had sweetheart curls and the same peacock headdress that matched her dress.

Harry Potter long hair wedding hairstyles

22. Cinderella wedding hairstyles for long hair

Your big day is one of the few chances where you dress up and look like a Disney princess without anyone raising an eyebrow. Here is Cinderella, portrayed by Lily James. She wears a tulle veil, classic ballerina rolls and a princess crown of golden and blue flowers, in homage to her iconic blue dress.

Cinderella wedding hairstyles for long hair

23. Belle wedding hairstyles for long hair

The other Disney princess we saw so far was Emma Watson’s Belle in Beauty and the Beast. It can also be your inspiration. Here she is in what looks like the most breathtaking look in the entire movie. She has auburn hair in a very messy low knot to symbolize Belle’s adventurous, imperfect and natural personality. The baby breath low crown means that she is now a princess.

Belle wedding hairstyles for long hair

24. Sleeping Beauty Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Cinderella or Belle not much? How about Sleeping Beauty? Also known as Aurora or Briar Rose, she is known for her outstanding long blond hair. Channel it for your wedding day and do it with a golden crown. She was a born princess.

Sleeping Beauty Wedding Hairstyles for long hair

25. Teal wedding hairstyles for long hair

These were all classic hairstyles. But who says you can not have fun? Unconventional colors are all the rage right now, and you can definitely wear one on your most beautiful day.

Here are a few ideas for teal hair.

Teal wedding hairstyles for long hair


Here are the 25 dreamy wedding hairstyles we promised. From Disney princesses to floral crows to theme weddings, diamonds, pearls, crystals and gold in her hair you will find everything here. Write us in the comment section below and let us know which one you would like to wear on your big day!