23 Wedding head pieces and accessories for your big day

23 Wedding head pieces and accessories for your big day

Everything has to be just right on your wedding day and, even though a lot revolves around your bridal gown, great importance is also offered to your hair. You’re expected to shine that day and to look absolutely stunning so finding the right accessories to complement your hairstyle with is crucial.

Tiaras and headbands are really popular. If you want to look like a princess then this is the direction you should follow. Depending on the design you’ve chosen for your wedding dress as well as the jewelry that complements it, your hair accessories should maintain a balance, to stand out without overpowering your image.

Hairpins are another option. A bit more subtle than other hair accessories, these stylish little things will keep your veil in place and will also make you shine.

Combs and clips are another way to go. They’re great if you prefer something elegant and bit more grown-up. They can still look bohemian but they;re at their best when they complement more traditional hairstyles.

If you want something bohemian, try putting flowers in your hair. They can be natural or artificial, in the form of hairpins, headbands or wreaths.